We need Automatic login on all tab (cookie problem)

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We usually use Dear over a few tabs in the browser. Times to times, the cookie expire and we need to login again. All tabs then ask to login. The problem is that even if we actually login correctly in one of the page, --all-- the other ones still ask for the login info even if we refresh the page instead of detecting that the cookie is now valid.    As an exemple, we do the same with Vend (multi tabs), and Vend will detect that the login had been made in one of the page and refresh directly where it should be, logged in as it should (most of the time we don't have to refresh the page, as they seem to have an auto refresh function which is great).

Seems like the way Dear login page is a bit old and would need some tuning :)

Thank you, this will save us time!

  • Now it is getting even worst, I often start on one login page. Put my login info, then I am sent to a second (different) login page, then have to do it again. What is going on?

  • Hi Nicolas,

    Are you still facing this issue?

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