Cursor Placement When Changing Quantity on WMS App

started a topic 3 months ago

We use the WMS app on an Android Scanner SKU device. There's been a change to the interface with the latest update that is causing some problems. After scanning a product when picking, if you press the quantity field to change the quantity, the cursor is automatically placed on the left hand side of the current input, which is the number "1". If you would like to change this to another number, you need to press on the right hand side of the "1" to then press the backspace button to enter the new number. The problem is there is about a half a cm gap or less between the "1" and the trash can to cancel the pick.

This results in the most stressful part of my week when I try to navigate my fat finger to change the quantity without cancelling the input that i just scanned.

If you could pleeeaaaase get your developers to automatically place the cursor after the number 1 when pressing on this field, we can easily just press backspace and input our new quantity and be on our way.

This would improve my life dramatically.

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