Enhance StarShipIt integration especially in relation to advanced sales.

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The StarShipIt ability to estimate shipping at the order stage is helpful in the case of very simple orders but could do with some steroid injections.
On a basic level I would so love to see the ability to just send the data available at any point of an order process to StarShipIt so I could go there and experiment with shipping types, costs, tweaking of weights, validation of addresses etc. In these Covid times it would be a simple way to establish if I can even post to my customer or not. Shopify for me has a "Send to StarShipIt" option which I find incredibly useful at times. To be clear this is not a generate label function it is just sending the data there to play with and then either abandon or generate a label if you wish.

With advanced sales in Dear the StarShipIt integration is next to useless when you wish to know the most economical way to break a order into multiple shipments. ie I have 25kg of order and the AustPost max is 20kg. Is it better to send box one with 20kg and box two with 5kg or one 12kg and one 13kg? I need to know at order stage the real cost or at least after packing I need to be able to return to the order and calculate postage for the order and then process the invoice. Currently Dear is useless in this respect. The StarShipIt integration has not followed through this far yet. I don't pretend to claim I've thought this through properly but if an advanced sale had shipping estimates buttons beside each carton at pack stage this would help with a total at the bottom for the entire order after shipping estimates have been updated.

This is a real point of pain for me.

thanks for considering it.


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