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On behalf of Alexandra Bogusevici, 

The default organisation of On Order and Allocated is back to front for what would be the logical read of the page. As Allocated Impacts the Availability count, it would make far more sense being beside it, and as Next Delivery is directly impacted by what is in On Order it would make more sense for On Order to be beside Next Delivery.


Perfect setup would be SOH Value / SOH / Availability / Allocated / On Order / Next Delivery


  •  I really do wish that Allocated was actually two distinct columns. Allocated and Committed. I've had so many clients over the years freak out when they want to use stock previously allocated to an older order on a larger more important order.


    I have to explain that this can be done easily as long as the stock hasn't been picked on the smaller order, as this makes the forecasted allocated become a committed allocation. Of course if it has been picked they need to undo that stage to be able to do this yadayadayada. This can lead to people using (and then misusing) the Stock Allocation optional function due to a misunderstanding of how allocation works.


    If an Allocated and Committed column was used you'd actually be able to see in Allocated how many Sales Orders Authorised and yet to be picked hold allocation, vs Committed which shows the total value in orders that are in process of Pick, Pack, Ship and therefor firmly allocated to the sale.


    This would also act as a really great insight to Sale Fulfilment WIP



  • You can drag and drop those columns to change the sequence in the Availability page, You can change any layout with this method.

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