One click Advanced Sale Redo (to rewind an Undo)

started a topic 4 months ago

 use case: Dear client has partially filled an order due to out of stock. Replenishment occurs. Client contacts the customer to confirm shipment and invoice of the backorder. Customer says yes, and customer wants to add to the order (quite common, and obviously something Dear should enable).

Problem: this is hard with advanced sales. With simple sales, it is much more practical, since the backorder is split to a new order which has no fulfilment and it is easy to return to draft, add new lines and reauthorise.

In Advanced Sales, similar steps requiring undoing the complete order, including the previous fulfilment and invoice.

This has big effects: stock is unshipped etc.

After adding lines to the order, the user needs to step back through all the steps.

I think allowing changes to the order lines without undoing the order may be a big challenge for Dear's logic. It would be awesome, but it seems like a big change so it is not my feature request.

It would be a bit helpful if after undoing an order there was a one click redo, which reauthorised existing shipments, invoices and payments as they exist. This is simply automating a large number of clicks which is what users do most of the time when they have to do this. If the process creates an error, then the user sees it in the usual way.

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