Checking DEAR email logs

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Please allow users to view system generated emails to Suppliers and Customers.
Currently it's not possible to trace these on the system and it's not always clear if the emails have been sent or not.

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  • We had the same problem, and its important to know if a customer has been notified or not. As a workaround you can add an email address in your Dear general settings which is Bcc'd into every Dear email notification then we had to create a rule in our emails to automatically read and file the emails from Dear so they didn't annoy us. but it provides an audit trail if anything comes into question
  • This would be very useful, An implementation like in SalesForce maybe, where you connect to your mailbox.

    Currently we have to download the documents to our desktop and forward the doc from our personal emails app to be able to track contact.

  • The simple ability to be able to see if invoice has been emailed, or not, on the main sales order screen would be good. We can currently see if an invoice has been printed or not but can not see if it has been emailed with out diving into back end and seeing attachments that have been created. 

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8 people like this idea
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