B2B Search Bar in Mobile Browser

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Users are unable to use/view the search bar function on mobile devices.

Can we please implement this in next release as many people order via mobile devices 

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  • We have had a lot of customers complain and stop using the web portal because they have lost the search function. It only seems to appear on the latest Iphone browsers if the phone is turned sideways. It does not work on other phones that we know of.

  • This is a necessary feature that should be standard across all devices. I agree with Sarah's point of client frustration as we have had clients who will not use the system simply because a quick search feature isn't readily available from their phones so its faster for them to call in or email their order requests which defeats the purpose of the having the portal. It will also be helpful for reps in the field to easily find and place order especially if the organisation has a large inventory set. Dear Team please prioritize fixing this feature.

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