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I wondered if I can check some logic in the Product Deals feature within DEAR.


For example, I set a deal for 01/08/2020 - 31/08/2020 (i.e. in August, apply this deal) in our test company

Then, I tried some various logic options, and added an order with the date of 02/08/2020, which didn't apply a discount (even if I chose manually). I assume that this means that it's the system date which is used. This seems odd because if you don't input an order on the exact date that it's placed, you might get differences (i.e. someone places an order for the above offer on 31/08/2020 but you don't get to add it to DEAR until 01/09/2020. 

I did also take the date range off the Deal and it worked fine - thus confirming I didn't do something wrong in the deal setup and application rules. As soon as I changed the date and hit 'apply discounts' it worked, without even refreshing the deal.

Would it be possible to either a) use the Order Date rather than the System Date or b) have an Option in Settings to choose which to use in your DEAR file?

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  • Agree Dan, have had the same issue arise. We just have to add a day on each end of the promo's to allow the server to catch up with GMT +10

  • arr.. there was more to my reply but it didnt post for some reason...maybe it doesnt like dot points?

    This timestamp issue seems to affect other areas too:

    - When printing Documents, the timestamp seems to come from Dear's server rather than Dear General Settings, or user's browser/device location

    - However Activity log/History seems to be able to take the correct time zone.. see more on this:

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