UNDO and VOID in Dear POS

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Quite often the shop staff could make mistakes in POS (especially the new ones) - putting in wrong payment methods etc. The current Dear POS sales is complete once the payment button is hit.... it's so quick it's quite often the shop staff realised they made a mistake after hitting the payment button (especially in situations where customers require Layby, coupon, plus other payment methods...)

Once the mistake is made all they could do is to return the invoice, in the same way the payment is made.... it's also not very user friendly... and could make mistakes again.

Would be great if Dear can just add a VOID or UNDO feature? 

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  • Or at least have a 5-10 second countdown on the completion screen to undo the payment and go back to the sale. I know many POS systems have this functionality.

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  • Would be a great idea too Or this can only be UNDO or VOID by the manager before the register is closed for the day.

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  • Fair point but not really ideal that all the staff can void sales for obvious reasons. Ideally, if a staff memeber makes a mistake, they should do an exact opposite transaction to cancel it out. If they sold something and there was a mistake, return that sale and create another one with clear notes as to the why there was this reversal.

    Better not to make it easy for staff to void sales. That's my 2 cents anyway :)

  • It can easily be set by permission - VOID can be done by manager / admin role instead of cashier. UNDO can be done by cashier within 10 secs - 1 min after the payment.

    We can't expect all the shop salesmen when we have 30 staff to be so clear minded when returning the sale, i.e. to do the exact opposite on the payment. It happened a few times already, and after their return is made, it cannot be undone already. So I can't even do anything afterwards to rectify.

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