Hubspot Integration: Please increase the number of Sale fields available to be mapped

started a topic 5 months ago

The ability to export Sales as Deals to Hubspot has a lot of potential, but is let down badly by the limited amount of Sales fields able to be mapped to Hubspot deal fields.

Currently, only the following sale fields are able to be mapped: Order Total, Order Status, Invoice Total, Invoice Paid, Invoice Status, Shipment Status

It would be amazing if DEAR could update this list to include all fields in the sale header. Crucially:

  • Location
  • Sales Rep
  • Invoice #
  • Invoice Date

Please consider this as it would allow a lot more information to be posted in against the deal, as currently things like Deal Owner, Sale Rep, etc fields that we have in Hubspot (whether they be standard or custom field properties) are unable to be updated by DEAR and leave us with very little information apart from Customer, Products, and Amounts.

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