B2B Portal Show Available Quantity Behaviour with Changes in Back Order Permission

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In the B2B Portal Settings it is possible to set Show Available Quantity to one of three states: Hide, Show In/Out Stock and Show Quantity.

These appear to be working as expected if Back Orders are allowed. However, if a company does NOT want to allow back orders (which we do not) but does want customers to be able to see that products are either in or out of stock (which we do) the system instead hides any product where available stock is zero.

It seems to me that the behaviour should be that the product is shown at all times (with the relevant information - show In or out of stock or showing quantity - but is not able to be added to the cart. This allows companies (like ours and I feel sure many others) that never want to take back orders to be able to show the entire product catalog. 

Without this behaviour customers have no way of knowing whether the lack of a visible product indicates that it longer exists or that it is out of stock.

For us this is a critical part of the B2B and I am hoping that others feel the same way and that it is a relatively simple implementation.

Many thanks for your consideration

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  • This is also critical for my company. 

    We need to be able to show customers all current products on the B2B, but do not want back-orders to be placed unless we have confirmed stock numbers incoming ie a purchase order on Dear which makes a product show 'coming soon'.

    Hiding out of stock products results in confusion, calls and emails to check validity of products and delivery dates.

    We need to have the option to show out of stock products, but with no function to place orders.

  • Agree with all of this. We also want to be able to show products that are out of stock without enabling back ordering. 

    Customers may think you do not stock the product any more as it does not list on the site. 

    I assumed Showing In/Out of stock would do just that but this only really takes effect if you are allowing back orders. 

    Seems crazy to me that the only option you have is to hide all items out of stock rather than just not allowing the orders of these 

    Dear - please fix this. 

  • I totally agree. This is a major flaw of this system and is currently a point that may stop us implementing the B2B portal.

    The volume of calls and emails we would receive asking why we no longer sell products that are hidden due to being out of stock, would be painful.

    This will not streamline a process rather add further complexity. 

    When the system is set to "do not allow backorders" the product needs to be visible, but not allowed to order.

    Currently if we allow backorders this will then have many knock on effects:

    1. Charge over charge freight on the initial order
    2. Impact on Free freight deals based on an order value
    3. Charge pre-paid customers for goods they will not receive plus all of the above

    Another issue we see here is no ability to limit the number of a specific product per order. There is a minimum per order however no max per order.

    DEAR- Please fix this

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