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Was very surprised to learn on B2B that there is no search function. Given the high level of mobile use I am quite amazed this is not there. If placing an order being able to type SKU's straight into search would be considered normal on any website. Definitely a must add in my opinon. 

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  • Agree! New B2B is actually quite user friendly on mobile apart from this. Search function is available on desktop, just need to work out away to iterate it effectively on the mobile site.
  • Search function used to be available but disappeared with an update. It is available on new iphone browsers if you turn the phone sideways but not on any other phones as far as we know. Please bring it back. We have had customers complain and stop using the portal.

  • I do not see the search function on my iphone when turned to the side. This would be a great feature to have and its too bad they took it off.

  • I'm not sure if it's new or I only just noticed it , but the B2B portal does have a search bar on mobile browser after you click the menu button. I'm using Chrome on Android.
  • Hi Daniel,

    Where is the menu button. We do not have one on our portal.

  • Hi Sarah. See attached screenshots. If you don't see this on yours , have a look at your horizontal nav settings in Integrations > B2B portal ... This is a bit of a guess but perhaps the menu button & search box is associated with horizontal nav. I.e if you have your horizontal nav turned off then maybe it kills the menu button and search box too... Just a hunch though. Glad to hear how you go so other users can benefit too.
  • Hi Daniel.

    Perfect! You were completely right. The horizontal navigation was disabled and the menu now appears with a search function.

    Thank you!

  • Awesome Sarah. good to know!
    @Iain Johnston, @john lee hope you see this too :)

  • I can confirm that this works. I do not know if I did anything different or if the feature was always there and I just didn't see it. But good to know! One thing I did change was my company name. I inserted a logo and took out my long business name, which could have covered the menu button. On mobile, my search bar will only show when the menu bars are selected.

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