Allow POS users to add Store Credit to a Customer account without a sale

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The POS users should have a feature allowing them to increase a customer's Store Credit balance directly, without the need for a sale to be created. We need this ability because our business can sell both items that are in stock, and also special orders via POS. When the item needs to be made (ie. special order), we need the ability to increase Store Credit (ie. deposit) in advance of a sale being put through when said Special Order can be completed.

We are using a workaround method that works for now, but is prone to error.

Currently, the method we are using is as follows:

1) Use "No Receipt Refund"

2) Add Customer to Refund Sale

3) Add service item "Store Credit" which is mapped to "Store Credit Clearing" liability account

4) Add the amount of Store Credit to be applied

5) "Refund" the sale to Store Credit

This creates the following accounting entry:

DR Store Credit Clearing (Liability)

CR Store Credit Owing (Liability)

Then, daily, we clear the Store Credit Clearing account against our payment method clearing accounts and reconcile. The Store Credit is then available to be used by Customer, and the money has been cleared against the bank etc.

This method has the following disadvantages:

- It is cumbersome and prone to error

- The accounting is difficult because the payment does not follow normal payment method application (ie. you can't tell whether someone used Cash or Credit to pay in the money to increase their Store Credit, unless you setup multiple service items - one for each - and then use DEAR's reports to give the information to the bookkeeper)

- You cannot "undo" such a transaction once it is created - the process to "fix" an errant entry of this kind is cumbersome and burdensome on accounting staff

While currently, our method is working, I would like to see a feature implemented in POS that allows a user to add Store Credit to a Customers balance without the need for a sale. Such a transaction should allow a Store Credit to be generated with a backend accounting entry like this:

DR (Payment Method) - ie. Cash Clearing (asset)

CR Store Credit Owing (liability)

The following should apply to any new process:

- We should be able to specify a payment method (Cash/Credit) for how the money was paid in

- These transactions should be excluded from all Sales reports and Dashboards, because they are not a sale

- The Store Credit should be able to be refunded directly as well in case of error in entry or change of mind by customer

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