Showing Skus in order basket and notifications for items not recognised in an import

started a topic 10 months ago

The shopping cart in Dear B2B does not display skus. This is a terrible user experience especially for retailers buying from wholesalers as often item names can be different. It is almost impossible to be able to quickly and accurately check an order visually. Also more important as I note if an item in an import is not recognised there is no notification flag to advise that one or more items were not recognized. Given orders can be very lengthy this is a really poor user experience. I acknowledge you can see them when viewing the order once in the system but to not see them in cart and be able to potentially fix it prior to placing an order would be advantageous. 

Also being able to quick enter skus. Ie: type sku, quantity and add to cart. Without needing to go through each full product page. Again acknowledge you can import but if you only have a few lines to order it would be quicker than setting up an import .

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