Identify the serial of the finished good >> what specific components made their way into each

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The particular issue is knowing exactly which serialized component made it into each finished good item.


Using a Car example. The manufacturer would be wanting to know by looking at the serial of the car what specific components made their way into each. The only way to do this currently would be to do individual Assembly Orders for each Finished Good. But this is not realistic to a lot of manufacturing processes where things are produced as part of a production batch.

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  • Implementing this feature would be a huge step forward in making DEAR more function for us. We currently make assembly orders for a single item at a time to be able to track serialized parts properly (not ideal). 

  • Hello Amanda Maneli, Kimberlie Forsberg,

    At the moment there are 2 reports which shows the use of batch/serial number components in produced products:

    1) Production Costs Analysis Report

    2) Batch/Lot Recall Report

    Could you please provide us with some sample of the report you'd like to have? Do you need to explode the orders up to the lowest levels to see all components which took part in production?

    For example:

    Product A is made of sub-assembly for Product B and component Product C

    Product B, in its turn, is made of sub-assembly for Product D and component Product E

    And Product D is made of component Product F and component Product G

    Would you like to see in the report something like:

    Product A contains 

    Product B

    Product C

    Product D

    Product E

    Product F

    Product G

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,

    Elena Piskova

  • Here is a simplified example scenario we often run into. 

    Product A & Product B combine to make Product D. Since Product A is a serialized component of Product D, Product D must also have a unique serial number upon completion of the AO/MO. Product C, Product D and Product E then combine to make Product F. Again, since Product F has serialized components, it too is assigned a serial number for tracking purposes. 

    An Assembly/Production Order is run for thee units of Product F. Once the AO/MO is completed, we need to be able to see:

    Product F (serial number K1CTH5743090) contains:

    • Product C
    • Product D (serial number A7G56437)
    • Product A (serial number JFHT48504)
    • Product B
    • Product E (serial number TY634HP98)

    Product F (serial number K1CTH5743091) contains:

    • Product C
    • Product D (serial number A7G56939)
    • Product A (serial number JFHT48433)
    • Product B
    • Product E (serial number TY634HP82)

    Product F (serial number K1CTH5743092) contains:

    • Product C
    • Product D (serial number A7G69485)
    • Product A (serial number JFHT48412)
    • Product B
    • Product E (serial number TY634HP80)

    Lot Recall allows us to see that Product A (JFHT48504) went into Product D for a given AO/MO. Lot Recall is limited to tracking serialized parts if only one serialized Finished Good is produced. If I try to produce several serialized items with serialized components, the component serial numbers get masks by AO-0001-X. As it stands right now, I can not see which specific Finished Good contains serialized Product D (A7G56437), I can only see that it went into one of the three FGs.  Our work around has been to only make one serialized FG per AO/MO, which is time consuming and clunky. 

    This full-component assembly breakdown would be helpful as an export on the AO/MO page as well as a Report.


  •  Hello Kimberlie Forsber,

    Thank you for such a detailed response.

    As you mentioned initially, creating an Assembly order for a single product is not convenient.

    In this case, could you please specify how you define what serialized component will be included into the serialised finished product in real life.

    What I mean is

    For example, I need to create one Assembly order for 3 items of Product F. Each item will have a serial number.

    The order is created and I need to indicate the components serial numbers which will be included into each item of Product F.

    Do you indicate the components serials which should be taken to produce Product F item before production is started?

    Or do you produce Product F and then indicate what exactly was included into the exact item of Product F?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Elena, 

    All of our serial numbers originate at the component level. We receive in parts with serial numbers and begin multi-level assemblies. Each assembly containing a serialized component get's it's own serial number in turn. 

    90% of the time, serialized components are chosen on a FIFO basis. 10% of the time we hand pick and specify which serialized part should be consumed. Right now, we do this by loading the BOM of the Assembly Order, Authorizing it and choosing the specific serial number in the Pick screen. Typically, a FIFO model works well for us with the option to choose a different serial number if needed. 

    We could specify the serial number for the new assembly (Product F) at the outset of the AO/MO or at the end, either one could work for us. In the AO we do it at the beginning in the Batch # field and in a MO we do it at the end in the output window. 



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