Adding Special Pricing on a Family SKU

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Please allow the option of creating special prices for Family products based on the Family SKU, rather than allocating a special price for each Variation SKU.

When there are multiple Families and multiple Variations under each Family, it becomes extremely time consuming to have to configure a special customer price for each SKU line by line.

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  • thanks Himash, we definately need this - we can have upto 26 skus on a product family that all contain the same pricing (apart from maybe some outersizes). it is not practical to have to go through them all individually setting up or maintaining special prices on each sku. We need to be able to update prices by family, then we can always edit individual skus if a big size has a higher price for example.

    Your b2b portal advertises clothing on it. Would have thought this would be a generic request for anyone involved in selling garments particuarly the industrial sector (as opposed to fashion) where we have to adapt a little more to individual pricing requests.

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2 people like this idea
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