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It's been disappointing that the Shopify consolidation options haven't changed.

Consolidation by payment method should be a very high priority. 

Also, I have clients who don't need to consolidate according to their transaction volume, but they want to consolidate purely to get each sales booked to a dummy customer. Consolidation is not always popular with the person doing the bank rec, because they don't have invoice specific details in Xero. 

A great solution would be to use a dummy customer for all sales, but not actually consolidate them. 

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  • Feedback from a client, which I think is far from unique:

    The book keeper is not happy about consolidation, since reconciliation is awkward with the individual invoices. 

    But the owner of this business says:

    "The main issue we have is we do not want 1000’s of retail customers set up on DEAR, its super annoying. 

    It's annoying when we are searching post codes to find a stockist and  retail customers show up and we have to sort through and work out if its a stores or not and it is also painful when we are using our fair system [Trade Fair] to have them there. 

    I also like to see Direct sales as a customer in DEAR it is very helpful. 

    Bringing retail  sales in individually isn’t a solution for us I’m afraid, we tried it and it doesn’t work for us. "

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