Improve Sales Order Exports

started a topic 11 months ago

We have started using the Export to 3PL Shipment List from the Sales Order page in order to quickly get our deliveries into our delivery routing and fleet management software. 

We would like to request the following fixes/improvements to the export:

1. Authorised orders are not exported if they are not picked in Dear. Sometimes there might be stock issues preventing the pick stage from being completed or the landing of the incoming goods might not have been completed when the sales are going out. So it would be helpful if these orders were still included in the export as the delivery is still going to be completed.

2. Orders that are not included in the export (such as the ones that are not picked above) fail silently. I.e. there is no warning message that certain orders weren't exported, the system just exports an incomplete list

3. Include Reference column in the export as it often contains the customer order number (e.g. Shopify integration)


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