User Permissions to Convert Simple Sales to Advanced.

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When granting users permission to convert simple sales to advanced sales, it is necessary to grant them full access to a number of other permissions such as voiding and undoing sale orders.

It would be very convenient for the users if the convert option is added as a standalone line where permission can either be granted or denied.

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  • This would be a major improvement for our interaction with DEAR.  Due to the way the sync between Xero and DEAR works, undoing orders is something we simply do not allow sales/warehouse staff to do as the changes do not sync to Xero.  It would reduce risk therefore if the undo sale function could be extrapolated from the convert to advanced sales function which the sales and warehouse team use almost daily.

  • This would be extremely helpful and would reduce any potential errors for our business.

  • Hi Everyone!

    In order for a user to be able to convert from simple to advanced sale, the undo and void permissions have to be given. That is it.

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6 people like this idea
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