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It would be great to have automated syncing in case there are other updates made to the product aside from stock availability. This would be extremely helpful for updates to product descriptions and images made within Dear being Synced to Shopify.

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  • Yes agree with a better sync here.

    We've only recently started with Shopify and don't really like the fact we now have to manage Products in 2 places.

    E.g Product descriptions - we want to show the same info on B2B portal & Shopify, and it's important both are consistent with each other. But we have to make the edits on both platforms (can see this getting out of control in the future) so would be great to have these fields sync on recurring basis (only way sync though)

    But overall i do love the 2-way integration with Shopify on inventory, customer notifications, and shipping & tracking info

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  • This is an essential feature when running with thousands of parts.  Please escalate.

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  • The two-way integration is fantastic agreed.!

    We have over 100 products on Shopify and are currently undergoing a full theme update. We're about to update virtually our whole catalog of products with new images, pricing and descriptions. So it's a bit daunting.

    Many of our products are currently set up in Families too, we're changing to single product listing on our new template. Which is annoying as when you delete the family it deprecates your variant products in Dear - just a word of caution to any others who might be embarking on this toon.

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  • I just asked DEAR support in fact on the best way to go about this! Surely its not to unlist and relist items?!

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  • Hi @Luke, 
    How did you get on?

    We have found that the updating product description works fine, but the photos.. Shopify seems to keep old photos and just adds any new ones. So not ideal, if you replacing your pictures. Also, Shopify doesn't recognise your "default" image either.

    Keen to hear what you've discovered.

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  • Hey Atawhai,

    I've confirmed that instead of Unlisting and Listing, we can just List and it will update tags, images and everything else.

    Hope this helps

  • List without Unlisting! :)

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  • Awesome! Luke when I've tried updating my images, it doesn't remove ones that I have deleted from DEAR. It simply adds any new one..

    Did you try removing any images?

  • We've found that re-listing product in Dear (after deleting images in Dear) won't remove images from Shopify, you need to delete these in Shopify separately

    Whats more, it will likely add (rather than ignore or replace) the same images into Shopify, i.e. duplicating them.

    Same with tags - if you use tags a lot in Shopify but not Dear, re-listing a product from Dear to Shopify will delete these tags

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  • Thanks Daniel, we have had the same experience! I didn't notice the tags, but will need to keep an eye on this!

    I've checked in with DEAR Support and they have confirmed you cannot delete from DEAR. See below if Q &A if it's helpful to anyone else:)

    Q: When I am updating the product's in DEAR and replacing old photos, delete the photo I no longer want and upload a new photo. I then "update" the Shopify channel.

    Unfortunately in Shopify, does not remove the old photo, it just adds the new one.

    See example attached where there is now only three photos in the DEAR end, but nine on Shopify page.

    Let me know if there is some way to fix this?

    A:  "That is normal behaviour. DEAR can only add photos and can't delete it. You will need to manually delete it in Shopify as well."

  • From what I tested, if an image was created in DEAR, Listed in Shopify, then deleted in DEAR and Listed again, the image should be removed. Good day everyone

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