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Hi We have been trialling dear POS as an option for our sales reps taking orders on the road and also during trade shows - however some additions we would like. 1. Quantity of stock available shows on the catalogue tiles alongside image and title. This would enable them to take orders withkut having to navigate to reports screen to see qnty.

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  • This would be handy for POS. The amount would have to be just for that specific location and the i on the top right would still be there in order to view stock levels across different locations.

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  • Proposed solution - add button under each product and upon clicking it display stock levels across different location (same as web POS)

  • ideally it's shown in the catalog tiles like what Jason proposed. otherwise we have to click to check item, a lot of back and forth.

    if it creates too much workload on server, or otherwise add a "check availability" button that allow checking all items on the catalog page at once.

  • It is the best to show the stocks availability amount directly alongside the image and tex.

    Imagine if you have 2000 skus, it is not practical and convenient to click "check availability" button one by one for 2000 skus.

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