removing a product from a product family should not deactivate the product

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I recently discovered a 'feature' of Dear Inventory which sent a shudder of fear down my spine. 

If you remove a product from a product family the product is deactivated. From a novice user's perspective it is deleted as it just disappears.  Took me a while to figure our what had happened and this caused stress and wasted time. I sometimes clone an existing product and make a new product from that. Of course this product stays in the originals product family which is something I did not realise till yesterday. I then wish to move the product to a different family and removing it from the original makes it disappear!  Of course it is only hiding as a depreciated product but this is disturbing and unnecessary. Far from user friendly.  A warning at least or a disabling of this behaviour would be beneficial to new users.


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  • Agree Mark. Both those points (removing a product from a family automatically Deprecates the product; cloning a product which is within a family automatically adds it to the same family) caused some concern for us too, and discovered this convention only through trial and error. A pop-up warning or option related to these automatic processes would be appreciated
  • Thanks Daniel,

    Your right.  It's not a huge problem when you know but the learning...  Fixing this would save Dear customers the pain of working it out. 


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  •  What you can do to avoid this, is to add the variant to a NEW family (with the same option set). That moves it to a different family instead of deprecating it.

  • I've just found this issue too. A fix would be appreciated

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