Dear Portal Product Sorting

started a topic 6 months ago

Has anyone had difficulty setting up the B2B portal to sort in a specific order?. We predominately rely on the SKU which is in alpha-numeric order, and have the product description as the actual components description. Apparently, Dear doesn't allow you to sort by SKU, only by description or pricing.

Having an option to sort by SKU in the B2B online portal would make this process so much easier, or alternatively we could utilize the "Short Description" as a means to enter the product description and use the "Product Description" to enter our part numbers to make the website sort everything in alpha-numeric order.

Also, there should be an option to choose "Short Description" in the layout settings in the Product Availability screen. I don't see why you would have the option to add data into this section, for then to only be able to view it by clicking onto each individual part.


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