WMS Stock Receiving Improvements

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> When receiving Inventory for an Advance Purchase using the WMS App, items to be received to the correct invoice (invoice which includes the product and quantity accurately), or ability to select the invoice for the stocks to be received.

> When doing partial receiving, each generated a new invoice and cannot be consolidated under one invoice. The ability to consolidate it under one invoice as required while receiving the stock.

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  • +1 For this. Also WMS will even place additional receiving under an invoice that was previously fully received. This isn't a feature request, it is really a bug report. 

  • Here is a document that details exactly what the problem is:

    This really is a bad bug. WMS receiving is rendered useless because of the inability to associate receiving with an invoice. The logic that DEAR uses now does not cover most of the use cases. 

  • This really is a serious bug as we need to be able to allocate receiving to the correct invoice.  I'm just implimenting a new sock system for a client with a 3rd party integration on the Warehouse and ordering side and I can see this being a huge problem to resolve each time 

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  • Also, our accounting team (a certified DEAR partner) pointed out that because some receivings aren't being associated with the correct invoice, it is incorrectly calculating the "Average Cost" of the goods received. So this is presenting a cascade of issues. 

    WMS app is very fresh and definitely has it's issues, we don't mind sticking with it and helping to provide feedback to make it a stable and useful tool, but I hope DEAR will be kind enough to please make the bug fixes a top priority. 

  • This really is a massive issue as it affects the costings basis.  I have a number of clients who I have brought to Dear specifically because of the accurate, actual costing principals and I will need to move them to another system if this is not resolved. 

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