Import Option at the Pick Stage

started a topic almost 4 years ago

 Hi Team,

It is becoming very time consuming to manually enter lines in the pick stage for more than 20 lines. We have orders worth 100 lines and we do not use any scanner. Entering 100 lines is very time consuming and enter the package details at the pack stage is even more challenging for 100 lines.

Please implement a import option wherein we can enter the details and upload to DEAR.

  • Hey Minu, have you tried doing the 'Pick Available' where it auto-enters the items from the SO, only pulling in products & locations which have stock on hand?

    Not sure how your internal process works, but we do the above option and leave the Pick in Draft status.

    The Warehouse prints the draft picklist to go by for their physical pick. If they pick from a different Bin to what is printed on the picklist, they note it and update the Bins on the Pick in Dear, before authorising the Pick.

    Not sure if it helps?

    Glad of other's feedback on this because we're looking for efficiencies in this area too!

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