Starshipit Integration - Multiple Packages/labels, 1 Consignment

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We have seen a number of clients requesting the ability for DEAR to work with Starshipit and other shipping apps to be able to send multiple packages under the 1 consignment through the DEAR integration. Currently to create a label we need to create a consignment which incurs its own cost and issues. It would be great if in the DEAR integration to Starshipit customers would be able to generate multiple box labels under the 1 consignment.

If Starshipit integration via API is created this can be achieved however then the customer does not have shipping rates in sales and B2B.

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  • Please add this as a high priority.

    DEAR has a B2B portal to facilitate B2B transactions which by nature will have multiple cartons per order.

    The current work flow simply does not work for this situation.

    For a B2C situation, which generally may be only 1 carton, it is great.

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