Credit Limits in Xero

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Hi Guys

I see that Xero have finally introduced a degree of credit limit functionality.  

The Xero functionality is obviously evolving here and I see it as a potential area for confusion. If the new credit limit field in Xero is not synced with DEAR we will potentially have two fields with different values. If DEAR is advertised as integrating with Xero then between the two of you this issue needs to be resolved. I have no idea how this works in practice but from the user’s point of view I see this as a problem area.



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  • Completely agree.. critical that credit limit integrates robustly between both.. . in a similar way to other critical fields, eg Customer name

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  • The ideal solution for this would be an activate/deactivate switch in the Xero Integration Settings and which system is the master of the credit limit; DEAR (sync to Xero) OR Xero (sync to DEAR) 

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