Add a Shipment Date for Purchase Orders

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Currently PO creation only allows for a "PO created" date and a "Expected delivery" date.

As a proper inventory purchasing system I would expect a "Shipment date" should also be included within the creation of a PO to cater for businesses that import product from other countries.  This "Shipment Date" is quite often the handover or contract date with a supplier and can differ by many weeks to the "Expected" date depending on the transport leadtime (import) from the vendors port to the businesses warehouse location - where the goods will ultimately be received and the PO captures a received date. 

A vendor PO form will need to show the shipment date, while internal business stakeholders (sale team and planners) are interested in the expected delivery date as to when the inventory may be available for sale and distribtion to clients. Imports from China to Southern Australia / South Africa (allowing for customs clearance) can mean expected delivery would be nearly 4 weeks after the Shipment Date at Port. This informaton data is critical in successful business alignment.

If you are an importer by sea cargo you will need this function. Please follow and like this feature request to get it prioritized.

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  • Yes I agree we definitely need this. Especially with international freight the shipping is usually organised by the importer. The Shipment date would also give the supplier some expectation around when they should be despatching the goods Required by date is ETA for your own internal team Shipment date needs to be for required despatch date for supplier to know.
  • The shipment date would be beneficial to our company

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4 people like this idea
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