Customer contact 'include in emails' should apply to Notifications

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Customer contacts can be selected to be included in all emails. This is handy feature for large accounts where you may want information about orders to go to a branch office, but invoices to go to headoffice (one example).

However, emails sent from Notifications ignore this setting. These emails go to only one email address, the one on the order header. 

I tried to trick it with two email addresses separated by semi-colon, but did not work. I got no email in this case.

Feature request: if a customer contact is marked to receive all emails, this should work in Notifications.

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  • Hi DEAR team, just wondering if there are any updates on this with regards to timing as noticed it is 'planned'? Thanks!

  • Hi, we have the same headache currently. It doesn't make sense that individual emails will follow a different rule than automatic emails set up through notifications or workflow. It feels like a fault of design that they don't want to fix, as in the workflow log show the field CC: but it is empty.

    Usually the include in emails are cc'd in the email when triggered manually. 

  •  I should update this: the trick with semicolons is working, at least when I use the API to manipulate the order header email address.

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4 people like this idea
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