Substitutions of Components in Assemblies/Finished Goods

started a topic over 3 years ago

Please can DEAR consider substitutions for assemblies.

Substitutions are inevitable if you are not able to purchase, for whatever reason, the normal component froom your suppliers.

This is how I gather it works, from speaking with other MRP softwares in detail:

At the point of purchasing, when a component is unavailable, the substituted component can be set on a 'bundle' level, or 'product' level. Product level being that this new substitute would be used in all cases where the original product would be used - a simple swap. multiple componets can be identified if required. Or on a bundle level where you can set only specific assemblies where this substitute can be used. Or a combination of the two.

At the assembly build stage, the user would be prompted to use the substituted product, based on the set of rules, should the original component be unavailable, or even if available, where the rules state that the substitution should be used instead of the original.


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