Feature Request - Supporting Deleting of Customer Addresses

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Hi Dear Support, 

I have a customer, whom creates 1000 orders per month in DEAR against their customer record. I used to be able to delete their addresses without confirmation, but not when I try in the UI I need to confirm each delete. 

The customer record is nearly impossible to load in the UI, as it now has approx. 4000 address associated with it. 

I was wondering if it would be possible to allow deleting of customer addresses in bulk, either via API or some select all and delete function in the UI (or both) as their record is no longer responsive to inputs to users. 

Many Regards,


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  • I assume you've tried importing csv Chris?

    Go to

    > Export 'Customer Addresses'  (tip: duplicate this file and save one as a backup, use the other as a working file for the below steps)

    > Filter to list only customer addresses you wish to Delete (completely remove all other rows from the csv)

    > In the Action column, change to 'Delete' 

    > Go back to

    > Import 'Customer Addresses'

    > Select/drag and drop the above file     (there's possibly a 1000 entry limit per import, so you might have to separate into 3-4 files to import)

    Below field specification might be handy (you can expand this on the Import Customers page - note there is Required fields and Optional fields). The Action definition is outlined in the Optional fields


  • I actually haven't, I do mostly everything via API so assumed that it would be the same. 

    thanks, I will give that a whirl! 

  • well god-damn. that worked a treat. thanks heaps! 

    FYI - Always backing up, just never really know what the backup files are for in the end. :)

  • That's great Chris!

  • I'm trying to do this, and it doesn't delete the records.  I'm 99.9% sure my CSV is correct.  

    I'm curious if it matters if the address are attached to Sales, etc?

    I have a Customer with over 8000 records, and severely need to delete some.

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