suggest that you should include mode/status - Unauthorized.

started a topic over 3 years ago

Regarding integration of Shopify and the settlement of shopify orders into the DEAR order workflow. Currently we have 4x options as screenshot below of the integration settings - with the earliest option within by the DEAR order workflow set as [No Picking] working upward from there.

Suggesting to include the following mode.status; Unauthorized.

Our issue with this limitation is that, orders are shown directly in the warehouse via the WMS for picking, at this point the order has not been address checked or fraud checked as has potentially only arrived in from our web store few seconds ago and could be picked and packed via the WMS without internal checking.

  • Agree we need to add 'Draft Order' or 'Authorised Quote' (same thing?) options to the order status.

    Similar to options within B2B Portal integration settings

  • although it appears the options are configured differently.... with separate options for Pick/Pack/Ship and Invoice status. 
    Perhaps 'Invoice status' needs to include options for the overall Sales status: Draft Order, Auth'd Quote, Auth'd Order, Draft Invoice, Auth'd Invoice


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