Multiple Customers with the Same Name

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Hi, I was wondering if and when it might be possible to add new customers with the same name as an existing customer. It is very strange to not be able to have multiple John or Jane Smiths for example - and clunky if the customer/sales rep has to spend a long time trying to figure out which one they might be on our database. 

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  • Hey Hugo, check out this advanced discussion on this:

    (although it's marked as Deferred)

    Take your above example and apply it to sale made via an integrated e-commerce platform (which does not reference the Dear Customer database when making the sale) .. it incorrectly attaches the sale to a totally different customer.

    Agree we need the ability to have Customers with the same name.

    It would require Dear to use a different field for unique identifier (email address is an obvious one in my opinion)

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