Sales Data Export Date Column Formatting

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A DEAR update broke the Invoice Date column formatting in the Sales data excel export. The columns used to be formatted as "Date"(DD-MM-YYYY) but now they're formatted as "Text" instead. As a result, sorting by this column no longer works as the dates/months are sorted alphabetically instead.

Formatted as Text, none of the Excel calculation with dates work unless I reformat the column or use DATEVALUE to convert the date back to the correct format.

DEAR support mentions that this de-feature of the correct formatting will be the format that will be followed by DEAR from this point onwards and I am suggested to carry-out a workaround to manually process date infomation from the column. I'm surprised that this change only affects Invoice Date but not Shipping Date, so it's pretty weird to me.

Anyways I think it's ridiculous that a de-feature is done and I have to either suck it up, workaround it, or put in a request to have the old format reinstated.

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