Can comments made at checkout of B2B portal populate as order memo, not customer comment?

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The comments made by the customer at the time of checkout are usually specific to the order they are placing, therefore I believe it would be better they at populate as an order memo, not in the customer comment area.  This way the comment will be picked up by order picker or delivery driver.

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  • Agree Richard

    There's also been a new field introduced recently 'Shipping Notes', which is like 'Special instructions for delivery'. So now we have 3 comment-type fields for an SO (Advanced):

    - Comments (pulls data from customer file, but also comments made in an SO via B2B portal and potentially other integrations)

    - Order memo (not sure if this pulls data from integrations)

    - Shipping Notes

    We need to be able to utilise these fields independently via B2B portal,  integrations and merge fields in doc templates

    Helpful to note that Shippit now integrate 'Shipping notes' onto their Special delivery instructions which is ideal.


    Comments on order = Order Memo  (as described above)

    Special delivery instructions = Shipping Notes

    The comments field could be left for internal use only as comments for the Customer's profile, for reference when processing an SO. (in which case, might be a good idea to make it un-editable)

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2 people like this idea
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