• Yes we definitely this!!! To have to download the file before you can print doesn't make sense, much simpler and more efficient to be able to print direct from the browser

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  • Yes. It's ridiculous you can't.. so unproductive. Please give this idea some traction.

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  • I cannot believe in the year 2020 that we have to save a PDF copy of every packing slip we want to print?what a waste of time and How ridiculous to clog up a computer unnecessarily. Or have to make these lengthy steps? We are trying to run businesses where we have to do things quickly and these extra steps are unnecessary. This is basic functionality that QuickBooks has had since the year 2003 at least? And Dear putting its prices up by 25% in September doesn’t have something so simple? When you choose the print option you should get a print dialogue coming up that offers you the option to print to printer, or save as PDF. It’s really not difficult.

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  • Agree Amanda!

    With the price increase of Dear I'm also increasing my expectations of the UX interface.., esp simple things like this.

    Acknowledging all the recent back-end improvements, and grateful for them :) 

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  • See, DEAR think they have already improved the interface and speed and therefore can charge more.

    But their customers, I am pretty sure, find the performance vs. price  mostly very poor, and the UI distinctly lacking in some obvious areas - indeed, I would argue they still haven't brought up either of those aspect to their old price point, let alone their new one.

    Things have improved, to be fair, but it's gone from mostly abysmal to - sometimes not great/usually just ok performance.  Their are still (commonly) weird random lags, odd bugs that pop up randomly, and endless inconsistencies to the UI (and the API).  Just opening sales etc can routinely take 10 seconds plus.  It's hardly a shining example of modern web performance, even now.

    What they really need to do is some quite significant remedial work to get things a lot more polished in these areas and fix the various obvious holes in functionality (like having to save PDFs, and not having access via the API etc).

    (I literally laughed out loud at the new DB server prices.  In this world of commodity VPSs, those levels are absurd.  if you're doing business at that volume, the only reason you wouldn't leave DEAR would be because you're kind of trapped in their system, but you can bet many folks will kick off projects to do so...)

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  • We are about to start using Dear with QBO ( converting from QuickBooks desktop) But the more demos I do them all little frustrating things I find it can’t do in comparison to QuickBooks desktop. I was comparing with trade gecko but their customer service was so appalling I decided to leave them right there. Dear have been very good about getting back to me which is something positive. But I don’t know what my alternatives are. I am horrified by the price increase - 25%. I feel like it’s too late to change my mind about software but if anyone knows of any good viable alternatives please tell me quickly now! It does seem to mostly have functionality I need, but the inability to have priced T is based on a percentage of another price to you is a big frustration for me. I’m finding the whole process of making templates for documents extremely clunky and frustrating. Again this was much quicker and easier on QuickBooks desktop.

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  • The template system is straight out of the dark ages....there are marvellous modern templating systems, in abundance, but for some bizarre reason they have tied themselves to the ancient and utterly hopeless Microsoft mail merge rubbish.  And there are all sorts of bizarre limits to the templates once you dig into them - even between very similar things like pick vs pack, there are different fields available.  (It's our data, make it all available everywhere, please!!)

    The price increase, at this time, is nuts.  Look at Xero - obviously a company in a related area.  They have decided against all prices increases for many months going forward, & promised at least 3 months of notice when they finally do raise prices.  And that was over a few dollars a month!   Many other SAAS companies have offered 2 to 6 months free this year given the pandemic.  And many more have dropped prices, and permanently.

    It's totally out of sync with the market.  Read the room, DEAR!

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