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I noticed the automated lot expiry report allows the user to select a specific date, but unfortunately doesn't allow a "last x days" option.  This means when I pull the report day after day, I get the lot expiry for the same date which quickly becomes outdated.  If it would be possible to update the report so you can choose a "last x days" or some kind of continuous dating option, that would be fantastic! Thanks for the time!

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  • Having the option to specify "last x days" would make this automated report very useful.  

    With the current fixed date for the report automation, the Lot Expiry Automated Report is not very useful as it constantly needs to be updated and at that point you might was well just go run the report yourself.

    I get that the automation is just automating the currently existing report, so maybe this option for "last x days" needs to be added to the Lot Expiry report which will, in turn, make it available for the automation of the report.

    I have bumped into this need for a few businesses.

    Thanks DEAR!

  • Desperately need this automated report option for "last X days" or "today plus X days" rather than a fixed date, which is of no use whatsoever. Thanks.

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4 people like this idea
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