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One of our client is bringing their current setup of order routing rules to the UK and have ran into an issue.

Due to Postcodes being highly accurate in the UK it means that people often raise orders without including things such as state/provence in their address (Referred to as county in the UK). They generally still add suburb/city to the address but currently the Order Routing module requires a State/Provence to be completed before you can route via the Suburb name.

This causes an issue when the Provence isn't entered by the person purchasing the goods and causes the order to not be routed as it doesn't meet the first condition.

Is there any chance that the Order Routing module could be changed so that if you can have simply the Country and Suburb/City selected as routing conditions without State/Provence? Otherwise companies wishing to do Order Routing in the UK aren't really going to be able to achieve their needs.




Rhys Bennett | Account Manager

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