Any ePOD solutions?

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Does anyone know of any electronic Proof of Delivery solutions that work with Dear?

At the moment we print delivery notes or invoices and get customers to sign a copy on delivery but it would be nice to do away with all the paper and have an ePOD.


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  • In the current age of same day and instant deliveries, the importance of route planning and transportation management systems has radically increased. For a seamless digital logistics management system, the ePOD feature (electronic proof of delivery) is critical. 


    ePOD is an electronic verification system, a critical part of any delivery tracking system that allows the business to know the real-time status of the product and helps the company and end-customer to know whether the products are delivered or not marked for return at the end of the day.


    The working of ePOD is simple, reliable, and realistic for the delivery valet, customer, and the company. The digitized delivery option has gained an edge by canceling manual errors, delay of upward information, and rigidity. The pandemic has increased the need for ePOD and associated features for any delivery business.


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  • Your post was quite beneficial to me, and I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.  run 3

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4 people have this question
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