Warn user in DEAR POS when selling items which are out of stock

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In general, when it comes to staff processing products from the POS in retail outlets, it is safe to assume that this is physically done in one of the following three manners (ordered by most common):

A/ An item is handed to the retailer (to scan or search for), 

B/ the retailer needs to physically move to go grab an item from somewhere else (eg., from a shelf behind him or from another area of the store),

C/ the client will need to grab the item from somewhere before leaving. 

In our case, there are larger items which need to be grabbed from another area by the shop assistant (Scenario B). A common issue which is happening is that we process the order through the POS, the retailer goes to the area to locate the item, (and if out of stock) the client is told we don't have it in stock. The obvious alternative is for the user to individually check for all of these items to see if they are in stock before we process the sale. Using either approach, this is adding onto the customer's wait time and frustrating staff making the process unnecessarily more time consuming. As you can imagine, the staff are begging for the system to be able to let them know if they have added an item to the order which is out of stock. 

Ideal solution would be to have the following configurable options in DEAR POS:

1. Allow user to sell regardless of stock levels and not show any warnings or errors (As is) 

2. Warn user when selling items which are not in stock (display a warning).

3. Block user from selling items which are not in stock (display an error).

Providing option 2 would be used in our case but it would probably be logical to work on providing both options.

The "Rolls Royce" of features would be having this configuration based on user but is this is naturally not a must. 



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