B2B Portal invoices should display discount percentage, original price and discounted price.

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The invoices generated by Dear Inventory for the B2B portal do not show the discount that was applied to the sale. Customers (after the fact) going by the invoice only are left wondering if any discount was given and if so how much.

Would be great if the invoice showed the discount percentage applied.



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  • This is a real necessity to keep customer confidence and prevent customer service calls complaining about prices. 

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  •  Yes.  I have customers like that too....   Finicky about details.  Most annoying.  ;-)

  • It makes sense to have discounts shown in the B2B Portal invoices. This adds transparency to the customers &/or distributors.  Would be good if DEAR is working on this feature :-)

  • Hi Everyone!

    Is you are referring to the below, have you reached out to our support team to get this customized?

    Please email

  • Thanks Yohan, That is a good idea and when I get a moment I'll do that.  Kind of weird that it is not part of the standard template... 

    There is another aspect to the problem and that is what Dear shows me.  Ie if I look at an order that originated from the B2B portal, it is not at all obvious that it did originate from the portal which is a bit of an issue in itself but the main thing is that it shows discounted prices, not original prices and not the discount. In fact it shows a zero discount which is plain misleading or in fact wrong. Please see the attached screenshot of a real order that came via the B2B Portal. These prices were discounted 40% to the customer via the portal but this is not shown. Really confusing.

    Many thanks for the invoice template modification tip.  That will help my customers but not me so much.  ;-)


  • Just wondering, is there any specific B2B invoice template available?

  • Hi Mark,

    I believe even that can be checked by our template customization team. Perhaps the wrong fields are on the invoice.

    Hi Tessie,

    We do not have a standard B2B template but the normal invoice template can be seen in Settings >> Document & e-mail templates >> Sale >> Invoice. Then you can create a specific invoice for the B2B portal and have that saved. You can then upload this to the B2B page.

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3 people like this idea
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