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Hi team ,

I'm placing this FEATURE REQUEST on behalf of a Partner (Tony as he has specific issues with his prospects because of the DEAR Advance PO limitations. Kindly see the explained below:

When my client buys items from China, he has to pay 50% upfront so therefore has to post the invoice to DEAR ant his is correctly journaled into the GINR account. However, he then can have two or three deliveries against that PO and invoice over a period of several weeks; for longer. These stock receipts don’t generate a journal in the GINR account, and this is simply incorrect. There is no point in having this facility if it is not working correctly. Even if I journal in manually to keep the account correct when the PO is complete you are saying that all the receipts will then be journaled into the GINR account so the balance will now be wrong again.

The design should be fixed.

Perhaps it worked before the advanced PO was introduced. However, you cannot present an enhancement to one part of the system without making sure the other components still work correctly. This is what has happened here. I appreciate that there is a fairly significant amount of systems work to put this right, but it has to be fixed

For more details, you may refer to the following TICKET

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