Restocking Function on Sales Credit Notes

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Hi there 

Can Dear consider putting up the restocking function on the Sales Credit Note Module? 

This will go a long assisting us to easily credit customers and put back the returned stock to the relevant warehouse.

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  • Agree, the credit/return functionality needs to be more in line with the commercial reality of the process.  Refunds will either be with no stock effect, stock returned as good stock that can go straight back into a warehouse or it needs to go into quarantine for rework.  Currently, all these changes need to go through the accounting system after the posting from Dear but this is open to being forgotten about or missed.  The most efficient option would be to have these options as a drop-down selection on the restock so it can be coded directly to the correct account at inception.

    Also we desperately need any notes that are entered on Journals in Dear to be brought across to the accounting package (Xero) as without this the only way to ensure there are adequate notes on these postings is to find them in Xero and re-enter the narrative which is just increasing the workload.

  • Hello!

    The sale credit note option is only for service item based refunds. It is not possible to add a restock option in it.

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