Advanced Sale - Email Invoice to Customers (Bulk and "Include in Emails")

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Currently, we are having to remember to email each individual invoice after authorising.


There is no way to "Bulk" email invoices to customers for Advanced Sales.

Automation does not have the option to include all customers flagged as "Include in Emails" and will only send to the "contact" for the order.

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  • The automation would be a hugely effective way of emailing the invoice to the customer, if:

    • You could set more complex parameters around selecting Customers, document templates, etc
      e.g. include/exclude customers by price tier, tag, payment terms, etc.. as we take orders from multiple consumer e-commerce platforms, consumers don't need to receive a Tax Invoice after the goods are shipped, they will have already got it at the time of completing payment on the website.. Likewise, wholesale customers on prepaid/proforma will have already received their invoice  to pay before the order is shipped.. so for both of these scenarios an automated email with the invoice is unncessary and likely confusing
    • If a 'type' functionality could be implemented for Customer Contacts 
      As per

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