Add/Remove/Edit a SKU from a partially shipped/received Sales Order or Purchase Order - without "UNDO"

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We have plenty of occasions where we need to edit SKU's in orders that have been partially shipped or received.  (Customers cancel or change their minds, Suppliers have hold-ups etc.)  

These orders can have hundreds of lines on them that still haven't been shipped or received so we can't "Mark as Fulfilled" and "Undoing" is simply not practical after multiple receipts or ships.

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  • Yes agree we need this ability.

    Sometimes a customer will cancel a backorder if it's from an old order, so we need to be able to remove it from the order to remove the item/s from allocation, and allow the stock to be allocated to other orders.

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  • Be great to know if there's any update on this. As we greatly need this functionality too.

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5 people like this idea
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