General rant about Dear programing and error checking.

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 Very general one this and for the life of me I can't think of a meaningful title.
I am relatively new to Dear and on the whole it makes sense to me and if everything is straight forward (what I am trying to do process wise) I'm getting on top of it but....

When you need to alter some data that already exists, or you run into odd situations things turn ugly and the user is kind of defenceless with documentation that is often not at all helpful or up to date. The error messages are either non-existent or perverse. Very little effort has gone into this aspect of Dear (ie error messages and possible issues).

What has become clear to me is that data and conditions are checked at various points and are not rechecked at other logical points when conditions are revised. I will give an example in a minute but I am learning a new kind of dance where I have to keep undoing and deleting aspects of an order to the point that things start to work again. As a new user this is weird, frustrating and time consuming. It is fundamentally a really bad experience.

Example: Created an advanced order because I knew I did not have enough stock and needed to break the shipment in two. Ok. I pick and ship what stock I have. I order and soon receive more stock.  I ingest the stock via Dear.  Dear now knows I have stock. I go to pick the remainder of the order and Dear complains that I don't have enough stock. I void the current pick, log out and log in, clear browser cache, try another browser, waste a lot of time and get very frustrated and miss my shipping deadline for the day.

I created a support ticket and the answer was to undo the entire order including the first pick as Dear apparently only checks stock level at first authorise. Subsequent picks don't trigger a level check. :-(  This is:
a. nuts
b. not uncommon.  I am getting better at recognising the dance that Dear needs to play when things get non-straight forward or you change you mind about some aspect. Undoing or voiding is sometimes necessary to 'fix' a transaction when there is no logic to it. Sometime of course yes. It makes sense workflow wise to undo but sometime not and error messages are often not helpful.

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