Send data to Shipping app without generating a label

started a topic about 1 year ago

I would love to see a button available during most of the order process where you can send the current order data to the Shipping app (probably StarShipIt or ShipStation). If I am not mistaken you can only get an estimate or generate a label at the moment. I often wish to see the current order in StarShipIt to do things like, validate the address, tweek the order to optimise shipping costs, see what other shipping methods might be available and their cost. Currently I can only create a label, go to StarShipIt, undo the label and start again.  Then you have to manually cut and paste the tracking id back to Dear and then check the tracking Id in Shopify.  It is a whole lot of pain that can be solved with a "View in Shipping app" button. Just send the data but don't create the label.  Please.  Please Please Pretty Please.  :-)

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1 person likes this idea
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