Support tab covers the content you are trying to document

started a topic over 3 years ago

 The new location/functionality of the Support button and consequent pop up needs some thought.
Scenario: you are working away in Dear and encounter an issue that requires a support ticket.  You click the support button and start to document the problem. Invariably you get to a point that you need to copy down some of the data being obscured by the support popup window. You think "What to do?" Surely if I go back on the support button it will not loose all the data I have entered so far?  So you press the back button and note the data you need and then click the support button again and find all you documenting of the problem so far gone. WTF!  Seriously? 
At a bare minimum the support button should open a new tab/window. Popups over the issue you are dealing with are perverse.

  • Same issue here, I try to remember to open a new tap, but sometimes I don't!

  • Yes totally agree, this is very frustrating

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