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We have the option to allow customers to backorder on the B2B portal when items are out of stock. When they are making the choice to order these items, there is no indication of how long they may have to wait. Would it be possible to have the option to show when items will be back in stock based on the PO date? It doesn't have to be mandatory, understand this may not be ideal for other DEAR users. But even if it's something we have to 'opt into'.

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  •  this would be a real benefit to my business and I suspect many others and can be switched so those who want to use it can and those who don't, won't!

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  • I agree 100%.  Even better if we could also have an individual "Required By" (or equivalent) field next to each individual SKU in a PO - rather than just the one date for the whole PO as it stands today.  

    Otherwise, we have to split POs in DEAR for the sole purpose of showing when different products are actually arriving ...

    This is the real information we want to flow through to the B2B portal / sales teams ....

  • Would be very beneficial to us too

  • Yes this would be a very helpful feature

  • There’s a Date which shows on the Product Availability page inside DEAR

    Giving clients a radio button option to show this in the Portal would be great, so they can see expected dates on a product

  • Hi Guys, Any plans to implement this soon? 

    With the current conditions, its good to show the next available date in B2B, so the clients are aware. 

    Could assists businesses saving time and money. 

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8 people like this idea
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