Lock dates for Good Receipts to today or previous dates (Not being able to book stock in on future dates)

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Please provide the option to prevent users from booking stock in for future dates. 

As the system has no boundaries in terms of dates when processing a GRN, the system can accept goods being booked for a 2021 date, yet will allow us to consume the stock in 2020 - which is simply not logical, as it an accounting nightmare.

As a result the manual journals being created in Xero are the future date, opposed to be posted on the actual date of consumption - which then in turn impacts the P&L.  The only way to fix this is to either undo all stock transactions in Dear (Which is fine if it has only just happened, but not if you discover the issue, days/weeks later) or manually adjust all of the journal entries in Xero until all stock from said GRN has been consumed (which could take weeks/months)

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